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If you are looking for  Facebook Ad Videos I will be some links to several videos on Fiverr.  I use Fiverr daily and it has proven to be an effective sub market for agencies, companies and just the average Joe. Fiverr has proven to be a resource for my companies, our several websites and some of the best content that money can buy. I do not always shop Fiverr as there are similar online services that can be found on the internet. Since I do spend a great deal on Fiverr, I will share some of my favorites on a Fiverr page added to my blog. Continuing on, I almost always believe that your content marketing should come within your company, or you should be communicating with the company that is communicating your content and brand. I say this because I am a firm believer in brand engagement. If you sub your content out and always shop for a bargain you are going to have a pretty shabby website or blog. With that said there are companies that are very good at content marketing and hire some of the best writers in the world to keep their clients websites fresh. These content management companies in my opinion are the ones to work with if you are not getting help or managing your content yourself. These companies are down home companies that stay tuned to their clients move in the news, web rankings, newest trends related to their clients and more. It is no secret and probably one of the most known facts about Google Rankings. Google looks for the best answer for the search. Fresh content boosts searches because you rank as an authority on that content when you write SEO optimized material.

Facebook ad videos, Twitter ad videos, and just plain content videos

Good Facebook videos on Facebook engages consumers. I will always click on a Facebook ad video over a banner ad. I do this because this allows me to see the company and the brand in the promotional video. I can see the true promotional offer not the click through and all that clickfunnels. I get to see the promotion, in the promotional video.