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Promotional videos are booming in business. Need a quick way to embed your brand into your customers mind? A logo reveal or an intro is a sure shot promotional video for your business. What’s more? Promotional Videos can be had at for just $5.

Promotional Videos and Whiteboard explainer videos help your customer to decide they want to buy your product. Products and services need recognition for people to associate their name to the brand. I just heard a fantastic story today of a company that has built a brand and recently invested in increasing that brand with Promotional Video. This company is investing in their customer for brand recognition through a promotional video. I met him on Fiverr today and it was neat to hear the story of how his promotional video is not selling anything. The video is for brand recognition of his company. A family company. Promotional video is an excellent way for this company to market to his customers and provide them knowledge about his company and business before they even reach the job site.

Promotional video does more than just provide brand recognition. Promotional video is one of the best pre launch campaigns that a company can invest in. Why? Because promotional video goes beyond the words and images and tells the customer a story of your product or service. Consumer engagement demands promotional video and luckily you can get that at Fiverr for just a fraction of the cost of professional, promotional video, company. Here is a list of the recent promotional video gigs listen on Custom Promotional Videos can also be ordered by clicking on promotional videos.

$5 Fiverr Videos Check out a cool sample of a $5 Video

$5 Fiverr Promotional Video

$5 Fiverr Promotional Video

Fiverr $5 Promotional Video