Creating engaging content for your Facebook page

How to write engaging content on Facebook?

There’s no doubt that using Facebook is among the best tactics to get traffic to your fan page.
Content also plays an important part when you create a post. It is really important to know
how to play with your words to design a specific post. Content that you are posting on a fan page
should be unique, attractive and engaging, to drive your audience.
You need to differentiate your brand from the others to stand out from the crowd. Show your
expertise to generate curiosity among your customers. Here are some basic ideas that you should
employ in your content.

How to write engaging content on Facebook?
Write unique content:
Question yourself and research your audiences’ needs to determine what they want from you.
Create content according to their requirements to motivate and encourage them to visit your
page. It will build brand awareness and improve trust from your customers.
Ask questions:
Asking a question can be an inevitable way to initiate communication with your page post.
Questions boost the interest of your audience to generate clicks and comments on the post. If
there is a need for a question, include it at the end of your post. To expand your reach, you can use
polls to ask questions.
Take advantage of visual content:
Visual content can be an attractive and appealing way to grab the attention of your audience.
Include an image or video to increase shares, likes and comments, in order to expand the reach of
your post. These images and videos can be related to your product description screenshots,
quotes, montages and screencasts.
Short duration videos are more likely to be viewed, consider that before creating a video to get
great results.
Be an individual:
Facebook is a social platform where people come to relax their mind, so be an individual and share
your experiences with your potential audience. Showing your personality can improve the
interaction of your audience with your brand. You can also post how-to articles to engage the
audience on your fan page.
Reply to comments and questions:
Reading and responding to a comment just takes a few minutes, but this can provide you some
awesome results. If more than one person is commenting, then it can be a good sign for your
business. Responding to a comment can increase your sales, website traffic, and social shares,
because of great engagement.
Use a call-to-action:
A call-to-action is also important in your content to get traffic to your website and Facebook fan
page. You can use different types of calls-to-action such as user app, contact us, play a game, shop
now, sign up, and book now.
Before adding it into your content, you need to test your content to ensure the outcome is what
you need and which type of content works for your business.

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