Facebook Ads Do they Work?

Facebook Ads that Work

Facebook ads that work

Facebook ads, whats your take on them? That was the question I was presented with answering today. My new client asked me if I thought that Facebook ads worked? My answer; Yes Facebook ads work when you have engagement. Where your customer is engaged in the content, copy, video, images or whatever content management you are using. How many times have you looked at a Facebook ad and immediately scrolled past because it said “Sponsored?” I bet alot. Do you remember the photograph or the video that was visual to you? That you connected the Facebook ad to? Do you remember thinking that Facebook is just allowing spammers to take over?

I hear that alot and I read it even more on Facebook. The thing is that Facebook has created a great marketplace for Consumers and Businesses to share. Share common interests, offer product and technical support and to market their product. Facebook ads are really no different than Google Ad Words, or Bing these companies advertising on Facebook through Facebook Ads and “Sponsored” posts are just moving their marketing to where consumers are. It seems natural that Facebook Ads are effective.

Facebook ads work with effective content

When I look at Facebook each day I am hit with several ads. I am okay with that because I market across Facebook and have several 10, 20, 50 even 100k groups that I belong to and alot of times I will click on an ad because it is someone I know from one of my groups. This is association shopping and really isn’t effective content marketing. To really boost your ad campaign you need good sales copy, good visual direction and reader engagement. How do you engage the reader in your Facebook ad? Headline. You should have a well polished headline containing your product and why it is the product or ad to click on. This should naturally have a nice image or video playing in the readers mind. Think of Facebook ads like Magazines. The pretty images and headlines are what attracts reader to the 3 and sometimes 4-5 page articles. I know that I see people everyday with a magazine or newspaper in their hand. Sure it is nice to keep up on the news but if that is all that consumers wanted…why don’t they eliminate the pictures?


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