How to make money blogging?

How to make money blogging?

How to make money blogging? A simple how-to guide to cashing in on writing a blog.

Most everyone in the world has heard about making money blogging, but how many people actually make money blogging and how is it done? A simple explanation of how to make money blogging. Well, the reality is that there is big money in blogging. If you look at some of the more popular blogs out there what is it that you notice about them most? Problogger with over 300,000+ subscribers what brought those followers to the list building event? What drew them in once they got to Problogger? The content. Darrin Rowse does an excellent job of his content management and as a result, he experiences profound list building. Darrin Rowse is also the owner of Digital Photography School. There is a more profound effect of where Darrin’s income comes from on this website.  As with most bloggers, their income is derived from direct and indirect sales. Why you look at the website of Digital Photography School you see ads. Because of Darrin Rowse’s immense following on Problogger and Digital Photography School, it has allowed him to make an income from blogging.

So…How do you make from blogging?

This is the secret sauce. Content. Your content is what brings your followers. You hear of backlinks all of the time in SEO, and backlinks are a huge part of blogging and how to make money blogging. Backlinko recently posted a nice article about untapped sources of backlinks. In this article, Brian Dean talked about blogs and blogging. This backlink system is also a highly effective list building strategy. How so? When you find a blog that is relevant to your blog’s material and the content is relevant leave a comment on the site. Let the author know that you appreciated his or her content. Let the other people on the blog or down at the bottom in the comments section know your appreciation of the content. Most of the time you will be allowed to leave a backlink in the comments using HTML, a simple HTML tag as follows will help you drop your link social media management. Creating this backlink will boost your site’s rating in search engines and hopefully, you wrote some meaningful content to gather the interest of the other followers. The goal here is not to take the followers away but to network with common content sharing. As you begin to develop your blog and your subscribers then you will become attractive to affiliates, and advertisers that are just dying to pay you for space on your blog.

Blogging is Big Cash

Blogging is big cash and it is an easy to do accomplishment. People will flock to your blog as you begin to mature with your words and offer meaningful advice, “hacks” “secrets” and more. I actually got started blogging for money when I stumbled on a blog. When I got to the blog, I entered my email address for free blog spots to post my blog postings for money. Before I knew it I was paying this guy $200 to teach me the ways to financial freedom in blogging. The reality is that your blog may be more money than your YouTube Channel. Don’t just shut that channel down yet because you have a great opportunity to combine the 2 and make additional cash. In fact, there is a great content management program that will turn your blog into a video, with background music, and relative images just with a few clicks of a button. This program is a sure winner in a step by step easy process to making money blogging. The thing is right now most people don’t understand that there is huge money in blogging. A few choice words with right content could be your next paycheck. You can make money blogging and set up a free blog at Blogger. With a bunch of blog templates, you are sure to be on your way to making money blogging.

So how do I make money from my blog?

This is simple. I just wrote a blog about people paying for expert content. People will pay for expert content and expert bloggers because they do not have time, do not know the right content, and would rather pay for a professional or professional advice. FreebieMom is a money making blog. She has tons of followers and all she offers is free stuff (but she sells stuff too). People are willing to pay her for the advice on free coupons. They may not even realize they are paying her but she has certainly figured out the right content to make money blogging. You too must figure our what it is you are an expert at, what you are able to write about, and what will make your followers follow. Once you figure those things out. Develop a simple strategy to how you will make money blogging right now. I started using a free word counter and typing all of my content into that. That free word counter helped me reach the recommended 300-word count easily. At first, I would look to see how many words but then before I knew it I was just getting warmed up at 300 words. Use keywords, use your keywords and check your ranking when you post. Post often and adjust your keywords as needed. Write relevant content. Don’t start a blog about washing a car and then write articles about flying a plane. Make your content match what your readers found you for. If you started a blog about washing cars chances are that is why they are reading your blog and you should continue to appease their interests. Be consistent in your posting. Don’t fall off a money making blog in a few days and feel like it will just happen. People follow blogs because posts are consistent and daily. Offer additional products or services relevant to your content. For example one of my services is social media management. I offer my subscribers my services in managing their social media campaigns for their business. I get their business because they like my sites, my time, and my content. This is one way that I make money blogging. I also offer a subscription to another blog that I write for a monthly charge. The followers on that blog are subscribers because I write direct niche’ content for them each day. This is fresh industry news that helps them to empower themselves within their business. Make money blogging by being honest. Don’t bs your readers, keep them entertained with fresh content, your content.

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