How to set up a Facebook Business Page?

How to setup a Facebook Business Page

How to setup a Facebook Business Page?

With everyone and everything being online now. How do you set up a Facebook business page? Having a strong social media presence and business page on social media in this century is important to increased business sales. Social media is everywhere and growing daily. It stands to reason that each company doing any business should have a Facebook Business Page to market their products or services.

I’ll show you a simple step by step process here in this video to set up your

Facebook Business Page:

As you can see in the video setting up your Facebook business page is simple

Having a business page on Facebook to sell products and engage consumers is one simple way to increase your online sales. A true story that I recently tested was the ability to rank page just on Social Media alone. My test involves a business page on social media that I specifically wanted to rank for keywords. To do this I set up the business page on Social Media and then I wrote an article. In that article, I talked about content management. Content management is important to me and my blog because it is how I market for my client’s consumers and how I market my business. Having a business page gives you an automatic ability to backlink to your website via Facebook, Twitter and Google +. These are the important social media platforms for my trial. In this simple hack for page ranking, I wrote the article and used Buffer to post it across my social media pages. In the 1st post, I asked a simple question of my social media page followers. In Buffer, I asked a simple question, and sent that tweet and post out. Learn Simple secrets on How to get your site on the 1st page of Google in my blog post. Obviously, this method of combining backlinks with the appropriate keywords was an effective method to page ranking.

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If you notice most of the ads that are posted on Facebook rarely involve a person’s business. However, they always include the person’s Facebook business page. Your Facebook business page can be separate from your normal profile and include the information that you want your business page to include. Your Facebook business page will give you the opportunity to include a description of your business. In this area make sure to include your keywords as this will help with page rank and your free backlink :). Make sure to take time when setting up your Facebook business page. Include all of the relevant information so that your Facebook backlink to your site always shows effective similar content.

How to get over being shy on social media?

It is natural for people to have some shyness in posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is in human nature but the thing you need to remember when setting up a social media page for your business is that it is your businesses image that people are seeing. Make a great 1st impression on the people you are inviting to like your business page. Do this by promoting a good content management plan. I live on Fiverr so I alway point people to Fiverr. My $0.02 on setting up your Facebook Page and getting over shyness is to take $5 or $10 and invest it into a cover photo banner gig. Have Fiverr Sellers compete for your work to make the best banner for your Facebook Business Page and make a profound entrance into the social media world with your business page. Now back to more on how to get over being shy on social media. I already mentioned that you need to make a great 1st impression. Think about your 1st post. Your 1st post should be an introduction to your products or services. What makes you sell those items? What attracted your entrepreneurial mind to selling the things you do? Once you figure out your passion for your business focus on your post. Your 1st post on your Facebook or social media business page is important especially if you are a little shy. Posting on your personal Facebook is probably not the same feeling you are having about posting on your business page. Somehow asking people for money in public on social media sometimes is a game changer. My friends at clickmetricstudio have changed that odd feeling and made it possible to have a stellar social media management team. Anyways, post away. Chances are you are just setting up your Facebook business page and have no likes or followers. This is a good thing.

Having a blank Facebook Page is perfect. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your content management and pitch your product a bazillion times with no audience. Why is having a blank Facebook business page also perfect? It is like revealing something to an audience for the 1st time. Anytime I create a business Facebook page, I post away in all my shyness and then read and read and edit for appropriate content. Content that my eventual followers will appreciate once they arrive. This will also give them a great deal of content regarding your business and your ideas on your business. Growing your business through a business page on Social media is a no brainer with Content Management expected to rise 600% on social media by 2019 is a pretty good reason to set up a Facebook business page. In fact, it is a damn good reason. It is also a reason that you should put your shyness aside and start hustling your products and services on a Facebook Business Page. I think of my Facebook Business Page and I compare it to Wilford Brimley. Almost everyone around my age (young) remembers the blood sugar commercials. In that commercial, Wilford talked about diabetes and blood sugar. He would say check your blood sugar and check it often. This is the same method you should use on your Facebook business page. Check your content and check it often. Stay focused on posting and the followers will come.