How to turn Facebook into a Business for your Business?

How to turn Facebook into a Business for your Business?

Most times when you are a small business you have a limited budget for your advertising. Your budget usually is zero as most of your expenses are in your day to days. When you are a small business you are usually struggling to make ends meet and struggling to find customers. The power of social media in a small business is a solution to your daily struggle. In order for social media to have the power to work for you, you too must work for it.

Social media is the best list builder PERIOD

Social media will deliver your customer on a silver platter 1000% of the time if you know how to run your social media like a business. A time ago in real life, and I got to experience the stone age today while working on a Vistaprint website, websites were the thing to have in business. I can remember building mine from no ranking to page 1 of Google for 8 keywords. Pretty impressive for someone that just took a few hours a day to write. I wrote until they came. Anyways, if you were in any business you needed a website and Vistaprint was the solution. But if you fast forward a decade to what Facebook provides for a business now, websites are a secondary solution to a marketplace.

Probably the most important marketplace is Amazon, and then Facebook. I honestly believe this is true in sheer posts and ads these days. There is nothing wrong with Facebook being 2nd right now as Amazon is starting to roll out the new home services solution. This could be an interesting bout for 1st place in this sector as there are some very nice business pages on Facebook. Through this blog, you will learn today How to turn Facebook into a business for your business?

Content on Facebook will sell your products, or your services – Guaranteed.

Since I am a content writer, most of my posts focus on content and reaching the marketplace through it. The importance of content over the years has dramatically increased to a high demand for writers. The ads used to focus on blog writers. People who wanted to start blogging and just didn’t know how to get started. So in place of trying and avoiding losing immediate interest, these people worked with freelance copywriters. Through the copywriters, these blogs may or may not have made it big. The point is the businesses used the content that was produced for a benefit. The benefit was followers and the list building occurred. Every successful marketer uses content to market. There is not a single company that has not used content creation to make money. Content is what sells products and services. I discuss this daily as it is a proven fact. All companies that build their list do so by content. If you look at you google analytics on your website. What does it tell you? Where are your visitors coming from? Are your visitors coming to your site from social media or are they direct? Knowing how your customer is getting to your website is important.

How to make your Facebook Business Page a Success?

How to make money on Facebook

If your website is not telling you that your visitors are coming from Facebook or Social Media, then you have not even begun to explore marketing your product or service. There is a success factor to social media marketing.


That success factor should be the following recipe –

A nice Facebook Page – Pages can have shops

A nice Cover Photo – Your cover photo should be a representation of your business

A section that is About your page – Fail here and throw in the towel (This is your pitch)

A link to your Website (You are getting a backlink – Free)

Contact Information – Let customers know how to reach you

Like your own page – This is important especially if you want other people to do the same

Add a shop, add products, and add services to your Facebook business page – When you have a business tell customers what you charge when possible. When you receive that contact from that customer it is genuine and the hard part of doing business is out of the way. The money part. I found that I received more work by putting my charges right out there. I received more contact us through my website telling customers what they could expect to pay. Do not be afraid to put your prices on your page, they will find them out anyways.

Be sure to include a video, you can do this almost anywhere and for sure on Fiverr. Grab a quick video about your business and put it on your page. (Facebook and social media business is about content).

Make your 1st Facebook Business Page content something like this –

This is the official Facebook business page of (your business name) and include a link to your website

Tricks to converting on Facebook – The real information every business needs to know

Post, and post daily from here on out. Do not worry about page likes they will come naturally when you follow the success method. Yes 🙂 including the 1st part of this sentence because that is the most important part of turning Facebook into a business for your business. I will also go on to support hiring a social media management company or content creator that creates daily content. Doing this can be done affordably and even as a small business. Quite honestly, social media marketing is probably the best investment in 2017 in your business. Generating income from Facebook is possible not only as a direct pipeline to your website or to the phone call to your business but it also allows your to sell products.

There is not a single business in the world that can not make Facebook work for them. Every business needs Facebook and every business needs social media. I think that we will only see a few more years maybe another 10 of the websites before the social media gurus achieve their true mission in world consumer dominance. You will likely still see Amazon and Ebay but I think that for the most part all shopping will be done on social media.

Facebook places that all too popular compelling call to action responsibility for your business page in their hands. When you are logged into Facebook just on the left, Facebook will put your advertisement right there on your follower’s page. When you look at all the ways that Facebook can be a business for your business it really only leaves a few questions you have to ask yourself? Why are you not using social media and Facebook for your business? Why are you not getting that extra juice out of your advertising, especially if you are a new business? A business will only survive on the effort put into it. This is true in every business around the world. When you got Mark Zuckerberg giving you a free ride to drum up business for your business you use it. If you don’t know what you are doing you get the materials, and if you do not know how to write for a business then you hire a content writer. Businesses do that because it is proven when you put experts in charge there is a larger opportunity for growth.

When you need the knowledge to help you with marketing with facebook, how to use facebook for marketing, and how to create a list on Facebook your solution can be found in the complete marketing guide. This guide covers a wide range of Facebook marketing strategies and the best Facebook Ads. Educate yourself on How to make money on Facebook today.

Facebook Marketing Guide

Facebook Business




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