How to write a Facebook Ad?

The Road to Facebook Ad Conversions

How do I write an effective Facebook ad?The Road to Facebook Ad Conversions

I tell you guys, if I had a dollar every time I heard this from a client, I could stop writing now and start an easy retirement somewhere along the beach. There are many factors to writing an effective Facebook Ad. The most important factors in Facebook Marketing period is contained in the amazing Facebook Marketing program. I will vouch for it because I have seen first hand the results of converting Facebook ads simply by following the methods. Facebook ads will convert with the right knowledge going into the ad. You cannot and should not spend money on your Facebook ad until you understand them. Facebook ads can lead to insane list building. Be prepared for this before you spend the money on the ad. Spending money on Facebook ads is the right thing to do only after you learn.

Facebook ads that convert

Facebook ads that convert are ads that have the right juice. Juice is knowledge. Allowing yourself the right knowledge when it comes to Facebook ads is the difference between a nickel click and a $5 click. It can happen. you can run a Facebook ad bill through the roof if you are not educating yourself on what a Facebook ad needs to convert. Conversion comes from metrics. Metrics are learned. Each marketer or advertiser has their metric. Their metric tells them when something is a good idea. Adsense will not allow you to have an account until your site hits a certain amount of visitors. That is their metric. Google knows that by following their metric they will hit the nail on the head and convert. Sites <1000 visitors usually in most cases are startup sites that have not run the course of page rank.

To build a Facebook ad that will convert

To convert a Facebook ad you need to have the main components of your ad figured out. This is done by targeting the right audience. If you do not know what targeting the right audience is then you should definitely use the Facebook Marketing program. Targeting the audience is your cost per click on your Facebook ad. You may think that you have the right audience figured out but chances are you are still off. You may still be off because you are not targeting interests. When I put together a converting Facebook Ad it is simple. I am willing to work with a smaller audience in my ad, if it truly targeted. If my target is clearly laid out and matches my Facebook ad then a smaller audience is better. People may believe that for an ad on Facebook to convert it is about sending it around the world. This is a common misconception and will do nothing to help you convert. Unless and only unless your goal is to have the world spend your money.

Build a Facebook Ad that matches your target

Think of your product, service or whatever you are considering running a Facebook ad for. When you think of that product what is the 1st thing that would come to your mind as a consumer if you were considering buying it? Each time a client wants me to write a Facebook ad, that is exactly what I ask them. What would your 1st thought be? For animals, it would be animal lovers, and people that own animals correct? Ok, then there are probably 20 million people that own an animal and let’s say 2 billion people in the world. So you would pay more to reach the other people who have no affiliation to animals? Or would you spend less to match a target, your target, and your needs for your Facebook Ad?

The only solution for Facebook Ads

This program is the only solution for Facebook Ads. This program delivers a step by step simple approach to Facebook ad conversion. If you don’t own this program ask yourself why your Facebook Ads do not convert. Conversion comes from content and targeted audiences. Get yourself a copy of this Facebook marketing guide and save yourselves thousands of dollars trying to get a Facebook ad to convert. When you are running a business which you are when you are marketing, blogging or selling something people want you need to train yourself to market your business the right way. 1.2 billion users a month do not lie.




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