Surefire way to make money on Fiverr in 2017

Make Money on Fiverr

The Best way to make money on Fiverr 2017

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If you have not checked out Fiverr or are not aware of what Fiverr is you should take a moment or two to check it out. Fiverr is a digital services powerhouse offering some of the best content, logo design, and whiteboard videos in existence. A lot of people may not understand the value of Fiverr and maybe that has caused some negative feelings towards the site. But let me tell you a little more about Fiverr before I get into a surefire way to make money on Fiver in 2017. In this blog, I am going to show you how even you can make money on Fiverr, with little, to no skills. Also as an added bonus just for stopping by, I will reveal the Top 10 gigs that will provide you a way to make money on Fiverr, this year.

First a little bit about Fiverr. Fiverr is a digital services powerhouse like I mentioned earlier. Fiverr provides a place for anyone and everyone to go to get any digital service done. Yes, ANY digital service. For $5 you would be amazed at what you could find yourself buying. One of the great pain points that Fiverr solves is the ability to 2 way message in a buyer/seller conversation. This is a real-time messaging system not like other Freelance programs like Up work.

You may think real-time messaging isn’t a big deal in online digital services companies but it is. Here is why. Most consumers want instant gratification. They want an answer to their buying questions now. Fiverr provides this in a real-time instant messaging. This not only gets questions answered but also encourages buying. I know that I am usually ready to pay for a Fiverr service once I have received the answers to my questions. Fiverr is free to the buyer. Fiverr does not charge the buyer to use Fiverr. They do however take a percentage of the seller’s income and charge a $1 transaction fee, presumably, to offset credit card fees. This is important information to know in Fiverr. Especially, when your Fiverr seller is asking for a little bump in their gig pay.

Guaranteed ways to make money on Fiverr?

You have probably seen the advertisements in Facebook ads, or online in web results about becoming a Fiverr seller. Which ever way you have encountered the possibility to become an entrepreneur on Fiverr you may have asked yourself. How can I make money on Fiverr? The answer to that is easy. Fiverr is the most flexible in online digital services programs in existence. Believe it or not, you can get your name or message wrote on someone’s chest of Fiverr for $5. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for making money it is one example of how you can make money on Fiverr.

Seriously if you have any skill, knowledge or creativity then you can and should become a Fiverr seller. Most buyers on Fiverr are trying to find simple easy gigs to help them solve a pain point or something they do not know how to do. Examples of how to make money on Fiverr includes installing a Facebook Pixel on someone’s website, sharing a link in a Facebook followers group, doing shoutouts on Instagram. There are so many opportunities to make money on Fiverr that it is nearly impossible not to find the right niche’ for you. There are even Fiverr sellers that resell gigs on Fiverr for other sellers. This is just one example of how to make money on Fiverr.

Setting up a profile to make money on Fiverr is super simple. You just sign up, provide a contact phone number, and build your 1st gig. The contact phone number is in place to provide safety. There are some important things to remember on Fiverr when building your 1st gig. Fiverr is no different when it comes to optimizing one’s content and page. Fiverr will also let you know when you try to save your gig if you have overused a word. Referred to as keyword stuffing. To optimize your profile to make sales on Fiverr you need to fill out all areas. Use a catchy and effective headline. Make sure to include in your gig for example “I will write 10 words for website, blog…” These kinds of titles are found by buyers searching for services.

Make money on Fiverr through Upsells

Always make sure you unleash the power of upsells in your gigs. One easy way to do this is pushing your dates out. I want to clarify that your dates should always be something you can handle in the case of illness, emergencies or just plain needing some you time. It is important to do this now than face a bad review. Bad reviews on Fiverr can and will end the money train. People on Fiverr shop reviews. One bad review can be the end of your Fiverr account. Not by Fiverr but because buyers do not care about 1000 or 10,000 good reviews. They want to know what happened with that one or two bad reviews. Do not worry, the won’t ask you they will just find a different Fiverr seller. One that doesn’t have a single tarnish on their record, even if they are brand new.

Reviews are especially important as you are getting started out. Making money on Fiverr is easy to do. You need to pick your gig and choose a fitting headline. A headline that incorporates good SEO that is well planned out. Be short because Fiverr will let you know when you have created the perfect gig headline. Follow their advice here. It will help get your gigs views. Fill in the Basic, Intermediate, and Premium, gig descriptions the same way. This information should contain good SEO also and a simple description. Include appropriate pricing. Do not short change yourself on the price of your gig. Be fair and consistent and include at least one $5 gig. Fiverr requires it. In fact, the more $5 gigs you have the better your sales will be. Make sure to add the appropriate categories to your gig. This will help you be found.

Include extras in your gig
Buyers will pay for extras. Examples are extra content (amount of words), extra focus keywords, to have the project in a day or two instead of seven and to add voiceovers to presentations. You can easily make money on Fiverr for sure with adding the right extras to your gig and you should.

Time management and descriptions will help you make money on Fiverr

Only do what you reasonably can do
Most buyers are not stupid when it comes to a gig that has been resold. They can usually pick up on this easily when it becomes harder to communicate about their requirements. This does not matter if you are a brand new seller or have been selling since Fiverr started in 2010. The wrong sub can burn you and your Fiverr business. It is important for you to maintain who you are to your Fiverr customers. Likewise, customers will cancel the moment your order is not delivered on time. This is important to building your online business. When you say you are going to do something for a price. Then deliver it.

Make sure to include the full description of your gig.
This is extremely important and can be the difference between a good gig and a bad gig, a good review or a bad review, and a tip or no tip. If you do not include the full description of your gig when you should then, by all means, you should not be able to make money on Fiverr. These customers pay for what you list on your gig. They pay for the work you complete, and how you complete it. Providing them a summary of what your gig will do for them will dramatically increase your sales.

Create all 7 gigs
Fill your gig board up with offers to your customer. This gives you a great chance to sell many services just like a store would showcase all of their products you too should showcase all of your services. Give you buyers the ability to see what you have to offer, even if not much at first. A good way to fill up your 3 gigs also is instead of adding an extra for delivering early just add an additional gig. For Example, your gig packages could like this:
3 days for $5 2 days for $10 1 Days for $15.
Plus creating all 7 gigs gets you special karma from Fiverr. It lets Fiverr know that you are a serious seller and that you mean business in helping make yourself money as well as Fiverr.

Final Pro Tips on Selling on Fiverr,
Always, Always ask for a review
Deliver on Time 110% of the time
Communicate with the Buyer this helps with the review process
Never cheat your buyer

Offer Revisions, Buyers see zero revisions and run
Notify your buyer ASAP if you are not able to complete a gig, and finally
Don’t get caught posting in the buyer requests. This is so tacky. If you are looking for business follow the answers in the blog.

Now as promised a list of the Best Selling Gigs for 2017 on

1) SEO – Backlinks
2) Logo Design
3) Whiteboard videos
4) Social media marketing i.e. shoutouts, followers, etc.
5) Content writing
6) Resume’ writing, profile building
7) Logo intros and outros
8) Voice overs
9) Banner ads
10) Youtube Views, Shares, Likes

Always remember that good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good. Not every service is a $5 but some of the best and longest standing Fiverr sellers offer a lot of theirs for $5. Good Luck!

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