How to Rank your Business on the 1st Page of Google – The Simple Way

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Anyone who owns a website wants it to be extremely popular with high amounts of traffic that convert to new business. This is the always the case whether it’s a local service like Andrew Hill Salon, a big company like WH Smith or a national charity such as the PCRF (Prostate Cancer Research Foundation). By developing websites every day, we have a vast understanding of not only design, accessibility, and usability for a website but more importantly, search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a very competitive area with every website wanting to come on the first page for particular key phrases. Companies want the number 1 spot in Google as well as Yahoo, MSN, and Bing – the major players in the search engine world. To gain this type traffic and conversion. Business turn to search engine optimization companies. These companies employ a vast array of search engine optimization techniques to boost your ranking, and your traffic.

Animation Technologies focus their web site optimization both on-site and off-site optimization on the search engine Google, the reason being, 72.8% of online users use Google as their primary search engine. It is also the case that if you get website optimization right in Googlegaining a high page rank – it is often the case that the other search engines will follow, even though each one has its own unique algorithm for ranking websites.

To increase your website traffic takes not only excellent search engine optimization but also a number of other factors which make up your website on the whole.

Learn about usability – Having a great looking website is useless if users cannot use the website and view the content.

Invest in a good design – Design is not the be all and end all of a website, it is one key aspect that will make a first impression on the user, so quality is important gaining the visitors trust.

Keep it up to date – Your website needs to look fresh, new and great. If the website has outdated news, broken links or hideous graphic animations, this will all deter users.

Topical News – A news feed/blog is a great way of not only keeping new and returning customers up to date about your industry/service, company information and popular news stories.

Create a useful website – Relevant content is king when it comes to increasing your traffic. Your website will not only be telling users about your company but tips that actually help users, thus users referring others to the website.

Manage your reputation – Responding to your reader’s comments is key to establishing your company as one that cares about what people say about you.

Make Accessible – Many web design companies focus purely on design, in particular, flash websites which may jump around the page or make all sorts of noises, however, blind and deaf people still need to be able to use it. If they cannot use your website then you will not get their custom – that potential business your ignoring.

Many people believe that SEO is not necessary and expensive. Those are the biggest myths regarding SEO. In fact, most people can start their SEO strategy for as little as $5 by clicking here.



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