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Reddit the 1st page of the internet

Reddit posts on Fiverr for $5. Check out this pitch.

Believe that folks a Reddit post in the right subreddit could skyrocket your web traffic. A well thought out post with a verified working link could be pay dirt. Or maybe not. This is a gig of a lifetime because I spent $40 on my 1st Reddit post and not a single US bite. I hadn’t figured out the right copy or the right target at the time. Now I have over 10,000  karma. That’s pretty good for Reddit.

So Fiverr Folks for JUST $5 you too can post on Reddit and save yourself the hassle of building up  karma and  points and becoming a respected  member, and just drop me $5 and I will post ANYTHING you WANT except ANY CONTENT I REJECT. No sex sites and nothing like that. I belong to multiple business groups some over 1 million members. So yes this pretty boy face has a reputation to uphold.

Reddit must give this seller credit

Why? There is a bit of integrity in his post. Some Fiverr gigs don’t seem to promote that kind of integrity but for a $5 spot it seems that anything can be bought. I personally haven’t used Reddit so I wouldn’t know the 1st thing of it. But I will say that hustle is hustle and some of these Fiverr sellers have it figured out. Fiverr is a great marketplace. I was able to land a $900 a month job that required an hour of my time a day. I landed that job the 2nd day I signed up on Fiverr. Those simple crazy secrets to landing a $900 job in 2 days is sweet success in the blogging industry. Sure it may not seem like much to some but what is $30 an hour a day? There is big money in Fiverr and there is big money in bigcashblog.

To check out this Fiverr Sellers link just click on Reddit<——

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