Social Media Marketing – The value of ads

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing

This last few days has been almost like ground hog day. Not because the weather did the opposite but because I have consistently been asked. Do Facebook ads work? I touched on this yesterday but today I have come to the realization there is more value to the Facebook Ad. Not only Facebook but Twitter and Reddit as well. With social media marketing being the central hub for mass flow brand recognition campaigns, product launch and even pre launch there is more value in social media marketing than less commonly used product and service marketing? How so? Social media marketing has the ability to reach number quickly. Google requires a users input to return the “ad” result. Twitter places the ad at the top as does Reddit. So there is an inconceivable amount of exposure through any channel on social media. A business starting in 2017 should start at Facebook    and putting together a few $5 ads a day and start building their brand.

The value of ads

Social media provides the most value in advertising. Here is why. When you place the ad you as a user can target interest groups,  target age ranges, target geographical location and SET YOUR OWN BUDGET. Sure you can set your own budget in Google, and Bing also but you loose control of the PPC value. Case in point, I used to pay for a campaign through Berry Company, I bought all the sales talk hook line and sinker. My choice because I really wanted to get traffic to this particular business. My PPC was $1000 a month. Should be getting some kind of calls for that kind of cash a month on simple SEO and a landing page. Simple enough business to advertise even. A whole 4 months in so $4000 later and I am getting calls now just not for my business. What will Facebook ads provide in value to an advertiser? The ability to get customers to call your business, to click on your website, and to buy your product. Looking back and knowing that Facebook ads were no where as good as they are now I would have paid Facebook $1000 a month and gotten 1000 calls a month. It is the bear facts. A social media ad provides a startup to a large scale company the best value in advertising. Yesterday, I am talking to a client and he says that he has a specific marketing agenda in his social media campaign. Absolutely, you should. His agenda is different than the ad words agenda because now he has control over when and how that ad hits the consumer. Like I said people will gain interest by the visual, throw an elevator in there and click boom. Ads will provide you the result you are looking for. This does not mean that the ad will sell your product once they get to your website. This simply means that you will get your users there. The rest is on you with the right content and the right products. Facebook ads will get you likes. If your campaign is a new one or a new page you should always choose this option. This is the same as the old belief that addresses were bad and contained a virus. Cooties, who in the world would click on a Facebook Ad selling a product without any likes on the page?

Social Media Marketing – The value of ads

In any stage of your business Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and even YouTube are your best bang for your buck. Point blank PERIOD end of STORY. A few bucks in the social media market is a far better investment that any PPC at least in the foreseeable years. Setting up a Facebook ad is easy. Take a few moments, go through your Facebook. Create an Ad and check out all of the things that you are able to do in there. By all means I strongly encourage those that are not familiar with campaigns and goals to reach out for some help. You can very easily pay for the wrong goal and will not usually realize it until you did not receive your expected result. Content management is always key to any ad. I see people posting on Fiverr wanting to buy likes, pages, followers, all of the time. This is not real traffic and it is detrimental to your rankings and your content. Your content should always match your brand and service to the customer. This is a simple easy to do thing when you are a serious business owner. Make sure that your consumer understands that your page is a reflection of your business. Of your commitment to them. Think of your Facebook page or ad as something that you would enjoy reading or seeing when you arrived to the website. Visually appealing digital content sales products.


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